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Turbo versus Standard Empty Turbo versus Standard

Post  theycallhimtom on Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:37 pm

What is your preference between turbo and standard husngs? I have played a lot of both but I'm not really sure which one gives a higher hourly. Obviously a good player should have a higher win rate in the standards, but the turbos will take much less time so it is unclear which one is more profitable.

Here is what I can think up for reasons to play one or the other.
Benefits of Standard
-Any reads you develop can be exploited for a longer time
-More hands so better players will win more often
-Deeper stacks means villains might play worse

Benefits of Turbo
-Takes less time
-When blinds are really low you can switch to an unexploitable strategy, which most low stakes players probably don't know


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Turbo versus Standard Empty Re: Turbo versus Standard

Post  cardassian on Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:00 pm

It resally depends on you roi in both.
If your roi in turbos is 10% and regs is 15% but you can play twice as many turbos an hour then turbos would be the way to go.
However if your roi in regs is 14% and turbos is 4% then you're probably better of with regs.
Personally I normally play regs as I play them far better.
However lately I have been winning just as well at turbos so am considering changing to them.
Small sample tho so time will tell.


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